Hotels & Accommodations in and around Srinagar

There are ample number and variety of accommodation options available for those desirous of staying over at Srinagar. The Tourist Rest Houses/Bungalows run by the Uttaranchal Tourism subsidiaries, GMVNL and KMVNL are better and immediate choices for most of the travellers though. And there are good number of private hotels with Deluxe and Luxurious facilities with reasonable fare. We recommend to check and confirm before and if your stay is longer and the visit is intended in peak season.

Additionally, we have tried to get some more useful data for you. There are various supplementary accommodations also available and here too, a follow-up with the concerned person in advance is suggested for the booking. Apart from that, there are several Dharamshalas in Srinagar which offer accommodation at a very low fare / token amount. These Dharamshalas provide the facility mainly to pilgrims destined for religious tour/itinerary. Mostly the accommodations are on group sharing with routine facilities.

Here is the complete list of all types of accommodations available in and around Srinagar, with essential details and telephone numbers.

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